Silbinol Sources

Pterocarpus marsupium, the source of Silbinol

Pterocarpus marsupium Roxb. (from the family Leguminoceae) is a large tree that commonly grows in the central, western, and southern parts of India and in Sri Lanka.

In Hindi, P. marsupium is known as Bibla (Vijayasar or Bijasar), while in English it is called Indian Kino because it was primarily cultivated as a source of kino.  Kino is the dried exudation obtained by incising the trunk.

Kino has been used as an astringent, administered in diarrhea. The gum has been used for toothache; the bark has been used for diarrhea, heartburn, and in the management of diabetes; and the leaves have been used for boils, sores, and skin diseases.

The heartwood, a durable and termite resistant material, has been used in the management of diabetes and hyperlipidemia.